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“Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

For decades, leading architects have chosen Daniel Robertson to help them create enduring homes and architectural buildings.

From the ornate to the austere, clay bricks provide unique colour and texture variations. In many cases, our blend experts collaborate with architects to develop bespoke design solutions.

Case Studies


Swinburne University of
Technology, Lilydale Campus.

Swinburne University of
Technology, Lilydale Campus.

Glenn Murcutt in association with Bates Smart
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When Glenn Murcutt visited Daniel Robertson's display he was armed with a
photo – a conceptual base for the brickwork in the new Swinburne University.


Product used:
50mm Roman
in ‘Hawthorn Black’

The photo was of an old brick wall built hundreds of years ago in Sweden and still standing. Murcutt was inspired by the 35mm wide mortar joint and the bricks' proportion and rugged character.

He likened the proportions of the Daniel Robertson Roman brick's lean profile to those in his photograph. The bricks were suitably rustic too.

The glass and steel atrium offers commanding views. The building's teaching and administration facilities are located in two southern blocks linked by glazed bridges, with the brickwork of these components providing a foil for the imposing atrium. Reinforced concrete frames allow long clear spans, housing a brickwork veneer that references early-20th-century Scandinavian buildings, with their mellow brick colours, soft lines and wide mortar joints.

Bruce Street,
Mount Waverley

Bruce Street, Mount Waverley

Simon Theobald of En Vogue Developments P/L
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On a leafy Melbourne street sits an inspiring Daniel Robertson brick home: a contemporary residence that captures a casual suburban lifestyle in its elegant and cosmopolitan design.


Product used:
50mm Roman
in ‘Traditional Buff’

Envisioning a private resort-style atmosphere that evokes a far North Queensland beach meets tropical rainforest; Simon Theobald describes the design as “a home that defines a modern Australian lifestyle”.

Having worked with Daniel Robertson for a number of years, En Vogue’s decision to use Roman Buff Blend brick was an easy one. Simon chose the bricks to enhance the overall design and meet the project's aesthetic and practical objectives. “The bricks complement and highlight the natural and built environment. The subtle earthly tones work well against the rich timber and stone façade”.

Combined with other natural materials such as timber and stone, the rustic brickwork in this unique home unites the natural landscape with the suburban environment. The Roman Buff Blend captures the warm and light hues of summer: embracing nature while protecting against the elements.

Nigel Peck Centre for
Learning and Leadership


Nigel Peck Centre for Learning
and Leadership

John Wardle Architects
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This building at Melbourne Grammar School creates a visually striking campus entry as well as consolidating library facilities and providing lecture spaces.


Product used:
50mm Roman
in ‘Traditional London’

The challenge for architect John Wardle was to address the project in harmony with the school’s heritage, including the adjoining bluestone 1858 West Quadrangle building, the Domain Parklands and the Shrine of Remembrance.

The building’s most dramatic expression occurs in the book stack pavilion wall on Domain Road, clad in custom Roman London bricks with bluestone tones.

Using the Roman London Blend as a base, Daniel Robertson experimented with various techniques to improve the strength and coverage of the bricks’ unique hues. Many trials and sample walls were constructed.

Eleven bespoke brick shapes allow the brick’s tapestry to "flow like fabric" around the building. The elaborate patterning continues above the building’s diagonal ‘fold’, with bricks projecting vertically like books on a shelf.

Daniel Robertson projects are often featured in the Designmag.
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