A legacy in brick

Daniel Robertson has been building Australia from the ground up
since 1853. Our name signifies a continued commitment to deliver
outstanding products that are distinctive and aesthetically beautiful.

Daniel Robertson
Shop T1, 367 Collins Street,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Tel 03 8621 7777
Fax 03 9413 3750

John Robertson – a roofing contractor and importer of roofing slates – founded Daniel Robertson in 1853. Welsh slate was transported to his new home as ballast in the ship that gave him passage, and was soon seen crowning notable Melbourne buildings. 

In 1910, Daniel Robertson evolved further when it began producing concrete roof tiles in Whiteman Street, South Melbourne. Then in 1928, the Company converted the Tunstall Brickworks to produce terracotta roof tiles. The success of this transition to fired clay quickly grew the business, its range and its reputation. 

Our culture of innovation – originally born of necessity – has driven us to develop new colours, shapes and textures in brick. In 1967, we launched a uniquely rustic range of bricks as an alternative to the smooth, monotone selection of the time. They were an instant success. So much so, that in 1969, the demand for these and other newly developed products was so great that production of roof tiles was phased out. 

The Daniel Robertson name continues to signify excellence in architectural brickwork.

Daniel Robertson is proud to support Think Brick Australia and the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation.

We're also actively involved in our industry and apprenticeship skills training initiatives.

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